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Why blog?

  • Because I have something very important  to say and the whole world should listen; I have a good essay or two somewhere in me, and if I chip enough of the marble away around it, maybe it will come out, you know Michelangelo and Pietà-like. (Did I mention, blogging is probably an act of narcissism.)
  • Because someone is Wrong on the internet.
  • Because answering the questions “Why do you think so?” and “Of what is this an instance?” is more fun in public.
  • Because I’ll (hopefully) make the transition from consumer of knowledge to producer of knowledge, one day.
  • Did I mention I’m looking for a job at the moment?

That sort of rounds out my reasoning. I’ll post essays and things from time to time, and we’ll see if I end up with any Pietàs – he sculpted it when he was 24 so I’m already behind schedule.


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