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Steve Bell on the BSkyB debate in the House of Commons, the Guardian

The ill chosen words of then-BP CEO Tony Hayward, “I would like my life back”, spring to mind when reading about Rupert Murdoch’s interview with the (Murdoch-owned) Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Murdoch said the company had handled the crisis “extremely well in every way possible,” making just “minor mistakes.”…

In the interview, Mr. Murdoch said damage from the crisis was “nothing that will not be recovered. We have a reputation of great good works in this country.” He conceded, however, that he was “getting annoyed. …I’ll get over it. I’m tired.”(WSJ)

News International has handled the scandal extremely well? The FBI has begun a probe at the request of several members of Congress. In the UK, Murdoch united the House of Commons in opposition to his proposed 100% acquisition of BSkyB. Parties across the House, including the ruling Conservatives, supported Labour’s Opposition Day motion against the BSkyB takeover. What’s more, several MPs urged the UK’s broadcasting regulator to investigate whether News Corporation should own the 39% stake in BSkyB it already possesses; critical parliamentarians argue News Corp does not pass the “fit and proper person” test making it ineligible for a broadcasting license.

Given the seriousness of the allegations, as well as the at least six year timeframe, News Corp is handling the affair about as well as Nixon handled Watergate. News Corp Chair and CEO Murdoch says the buck stops somewhere else,

He asserted, however, that a London law firm the company initially hired to investigate, Hartbottle & Lewis LLP, had made a “major mistake” in underestimating the scope of the problem.

An altogether unsatisfactory response to criticisms. Next week, MPs on the Culture, Media and Sport Committee will not be as forgiving as Fox Business interviewers (via Left Foot Forward).


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