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Write more!

So goes my 2012 resolution. There are countless tabs in Firefox I set aside to comment on, highlight, or just put aside as interesting to think about. But then they remain in the bowels of my super-charged, Firefox tab-saving add-ons. I hope committing to writing – write more! – by itself will provide an ever present, though gentle, guilt trip into actually turning all those half-finished, sometimes jotted, set-aside for the future blog posts into actual blog posts. And even better, essays if and when the time is right.

There it is, a simple resolution. And having chided one critic for closing off avenues of prospectively important texts, I shall now endeavor to tame my overly active inner critic stopping me from putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, with the simple demand: Write more!

The most tenuous of hooks, but “Well, there it is” from Amadeus,


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